The hunter

the hunter | Zim writers

You were a hunter in summer
A gunnar who doesn’t slumber
Dont interupt me l will make a blunder
Under the sun was an umbrella
I wonder how you could be an abductor in daylight
Oh gosh l forgot you are a hunter
So the plan was to tongue her, cruch her, win her,  love her and finish by saying let no man put asunder
Maybe you misjudged her
As the course collides she can’t disguise
The bride wants to abide not to divide
She cried as he loves another
Deep inside her is pride so she denied
Oh hunter you tried but something is undefined here
The heart was also wired but its prized too
It seems unkind but its revised
These words are mined and styled but are true
As they are intertwined and pinned its time to say bye cause l cant go on