I am Woman

We do do not own rights to this poem*

I am Woman
So what?
I get into an argument
with a man, he slaps me,
I feel the pain, yet they
tell me I provoked him. I
should have been quiet, I
should have been patient.
I should apologize to him.
I get into an argument
with a man, I slap him,
they tell me I have no
respect, no home

I should have
been quiet, I should have
been patient. I should
apologize to him.
Because I am a woman, I
don’t have a right to be
angry. So, the degree of
my innocence is directly
proportional to the
degree of my silence in
the face of oppression
and brutality…..

Because I am a woman,
my husband cheats on
me, I am told to tolerate it
to save my marriage. The
barbaric and stupid
excuse is that ”it is in
their nature to cheat, I
should slim down, dress
better, cook better, pray
harder and be more
pleasant to him”

I cheat, and I am called a
whore, I have committed
an abomination, I have no
right to look elsewhere
for the love and
emotional support I lack
at home, I am an
irresponsible mother.

So I am sent packing,
from the home we both
built, with all my earthly
possessions stuffed into
a tiny box on my head. I
am henceforth forbidden
from seeing my two older
children, I’m lucky to be
allowed to go with my
little one still suckling on
my left breast. Three
years later, the little one
is tagged a bastard. Now,
my new name is “after-
three”, because I am a

He is 28 and runs a
company. He’s tagged
wonderful, hardworking,
focused, career oriented,
successful at a very
young age.

I am 28 and I run a
company “Hmmmm….
she is not even married,
unserious, can not order
her priorities right, a
hustler, loves money, let
her go and get a husband
And I wonder if being
successful has anything
to do with a person’s

Because I am a woman,
I am not allowed to have
wits or be a prodigy, I
cannot be financially
buoyant, professionally
successful or be treated
with respect without a
man beside me.

Then I am tagged a
generous leg opener, “a
runs girl”. They never see
the possibility that I
actually had to go
through ups and downs
to get to where I am,
because I am a woman.

A man looses his wife to
death and remarries a
year after, he did the right
thing, he’s being praised
and congratulated for
moving on, after all life is
for the living.

A woman looses her
husband to death and
remarries after 4yrs,
“aaah! so early? Are u
sure she wasn’t sleeping
with that man even when
her husband was alive?
That was why she killed
her husband. She’s a
witch! Because she’s a

Because I am a woman,
this post will be
considered controversial,
and everyone will try to
correct me. But don’t
forget, that I am a woman
and it does not make me
less human!!!

Forward to every woman to make her smile and to every man to make him realize a woman’s worth.