Desperate Times Season 1 – Part 4

I was a bit relieved when Ron rushed to stop Phil from harming me, but I didn’t know what to expect
anymore, because to me Ron had proved to be a bird of the same feathers as Phil.
I just stood there shivering and confused. Well, I don’t know how, but Ron managed to calm Phil
down. I looked at him in fear as he walked back to the lounge.
Ron then turned to me, we looked at each other the same way we did the first time we met, but this
time around, tables had turned. After taking a deep breath, Ron calmly asked me how long I had
stood by the doorway for, and how much I had heard. I didn’t even think of lying to him, I just told
him the truth. I thought he was going to be mad at me, but he just shook his head and said he would
want to talk to me in the morning. I went back to my room and locked myself in, I even forgot about
using the toilet.
I started walking up and down the room in confusion. I believe I even stopped thinking for a while.
When I heard Phil’s voice from the lounge saying good night to Ron, my heart beat even faster, I
didn’t know whether Phil was going to sleep in the guest room or he was coming to rape me again. I
quickly jumped off the bed and went to check again if I had locked the door. Ok, I saw that the door
was looked, that was quite a relief. It took me long to fall asleep that night, I can’t even remember
how long I stayed up or what time I fell asleep.
In the morning, I woke up and started cleaning as usual. Ron also woke up and came to the kitchen
where I was. I greeted him first but he answered me with ‘’we need to talk’’. I didn’t know what he
wanted us to talk about, but whatever it was, it sounded really serious. I sat on the chair opposite
his and paid attention. Ron did not even beat about the bush. He confessed to me that he was an
illegal business dealer and that Phil was his partner.
Ron told me that he wanted me in in his business and that was an order not a request. He also told
me never to tell anyone about it or else there will be reparations I won’t like.
Well, the “loving, sweet and humble’’ Ron was now showing his true colours. Without wasting time,
Ron opened one of the cupboards in the kitchen that always stayed locked, he took out a wrapped
packet that looked like a gift box. He handed it to me and told me that was my first job, I had to go
and meet someone at Munzviru airport and deliver that packet to him. I wanted to ask what was
wrapped in the packet, but Ron interrupted me as he ordered me to go and get dressed and be
ready for my first “job’’.
I quickly went to my room and did what Ron had ordered me to do. He led me to the car and we
drove off to the airport. I was scared of being involved in crime, but the fear for my life more than
that of being arrested. So I told myself to be brave and comply with Ron.
When we arrived at the airport. Ron instructed me about what to do and where to go and wait for
the man who was coming to collect ‘’the parcel’’. He also told me that the man will come dressed in
a back suit and will approach me as “Trish”.
I walked to the meeting place in confidence, I didn’t wait there for longer than 2minutes before the
man in black came. Indeed he greeted me as “Trish’’. I can’t remember if I answered him or not, but I
just handed him the parcel and turned so that could walk fast back to the packing area where Ron
was waiting for me. Before I even made 2 steps, someone grabbed my hand and I turned with my
heart very beating fast.
I nearly collapsed when I realised it was a police officer, he was also holding “the man in black” with
his other hand. Now I was facing one of my worst fears. I just couldn’t believe that I was caught by a
law keeper. I went completely dump when the police officer looked at me and said, ‘’what gifts are
you too exchanging here?’’