Dogs!! all men are dogs she said

From one dog to another, her tale unravels.
Her diary is filled with writings detailing the pain she had to endure.
She breaks down at the thought of having to pick up the pieces of her broken heart with every attempt at love.
With a past so unbearable, her optimism towards the future has since faded.
Dogs! All men are dogs she asserts her claims.
Whoever blames her doesn’t understand where she’s coming from. A haunted past, she has since pledged to die a single woman. “Loveis not real, men are a bunch of liers and cheats” her rant goes. With a few heads nodding in support of her claims, she feels empowered.
She reminisces back to her 1st lover, the one who ended up with her best friend.
How he promised her the world just so she could feel free to spread them under the guise of love.
“I am madly in love with you,” he whispered as he was performing his dirty deed. A believer in the devil she was for she had given him what he loved more than her. Her dignity
Wrapped in those sheets biting her bottom lip after he had rocked her world. She felt even safer in the arms of the devil.
Yet he maintained his cool as he kissed her on the forehead promising her again, the world but this time with the heavens included. Little did she know she had lost him.
A nomad in search of the broken, so he can heal, find favor and feast before leaving them for dead.
He made her feel special when all he wanted was to make love to her. She gave him what he wanted thinking he was in love with her.
Left for dead she was, but death pardoned her broken heart and offered her a second chance. Now she sits on the front porch with her friends naming and shaming men for the dogs they really are.