When I am gone

When lam gone please dont mourn
After all its not like the world owns me
But when the day comes its like dawn
When l was born many ululated and celebrated
When l was grown mmmm l was all alone
So why do you mourn when lam gone
When He who is seated on the throne blows the horn noone can postpone
Even Sharon can never do anything
When lam gone y’all come with flowers on my tombstone but now none can even buy me a bluestone
I also wish to visit Hong kong especially Tsim Sha Tsui but it seems as if l have to pawn myself first
Iam sorry about the tone
But this storm made me to look like a prawn
I feel like lam drawn
If l had known l would have taken a life time loan because l know l wouldn’t be alone and unknown
Dont mourn l say,please play those dance songs in your phones
I would be more happier if you chew the bones of that clucking roaster quietly but with your smiles on
You cant mourn now oh not now.