I Am Black

    Dont call me yellow bone because lam black
    Dont be deceived by my skin
    Look at what is within
    Maybe you can call me brown skin
    If you call me yellow you will swallow my mellow
    I am a proud AfrI CAN
    I can carry the calabash with water down from the stream
    I can dance to mbakumba following the rattles and the drums kwedu tinoti ngoma nehosho
    I can play mbira and dance to the traditional songs following the rhythm, lam black
    Iam black ,lam AfrI CAN which makes me a queen
    I give birth to life
    I produce smiles
    I can, not because of my skin but what is within
    As you ululate to this l wont forget to cry for my fellow black girl seated in the corner
    Listen to this
    Black is beautiful this is undisputable
    I want to be a beauty with brains because l can
    Don’t you want to be that
    I want to wear that black gown before the white because l know l can
    Black is power
    Who said black is dark
    Who said black is dumb
    To all my AfrI CAN sisters,we can.✊