The Golden Rule Of Nature


– 1 Please note, there is nothing selfish about looking out for YOU, first before anyone else.

– 2 YOU can not make the next person happy, before YOU can make YOURSELF happy. Happiness begins with YOU.

– 3 Being a Hero in someone’s life is an adorable act, but don’t fail YOURSELF in the process.
Sometimes the person you need to rescue , protect , defend or save first ,is YOU.

– 4 There is nothing wrong with putting YOUR children first.
It’s special to live by the “family comes first” rule , but putting YOURSELF second every time isn’t so wise either.
YOUR needs matter too.

– 5 Sharing is caring, well that’s true, but when dividing the shares, remember to include YOURSELF.

— POINT 1: Looking out for YOURSELF makes you safe and sound , which is what you need for you to be able to look out for others too.

–POINT 2: True happiness is when everyone around YOU is happy, including YOU.

–POINT 3: It’s impossible to protect, rescue , defend or save someone else if YOU can not do that to YOURSELF.

–POINT 4: Giving up YOUR life , career and dreams for the sake of children or family doesn’t always make you the good person, they love to see YOUR achievements too.

— POINT 5: Giving away all YOU have to make others happy often create bitterness in the long run, remember not everyone is as grateful as YOU are.


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